I Support the 91 Workforce to Workplace Vitality Network

Be part of the solution by registering your support for improvements to the 91 below. Your name will be included in RCTC’s official funding request to the U.S. Department of Transportation and our congressional representatives.

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Traffic on the 91 is frustrating. We can do more to save time and enjoy life. Take action and support RCTC’s $75 million funding request to the federal government for three major improvements to the 91 that can be completed by 2023 if grant funding is secured:

  • 15/91 Express Lanes Connector – directly links southbound 15 Express Lanes currently under construction to westbound 91 Express Lanes, and eastbound 91 Express Lanes to future northbound 15 Express Lanes, similar to the existing connector to the south. Eastvale, Norco, and Jurupa Valley residents will be able to transition from the 15 to the 91 without delay. Special state funding and legislation has expedited this project, which is set to open in 2022. Learn more.

  • 71/91 Interchange – modernizes the single-lane loop connector between eastbound 91 and northbound 71 with a new two-lane direct connector and improves the eastbound on-ramp from Green River Road, providing a safer, smoother, faster drive. This new interchange is designed and ready to go once funding is secured. See details.

  • 91 Corridor Operations Project – adds a new westbound lane between Green River Road and the 241.  Citizens like you gave us ideas, we studied them, and moved forward together. This new lane will reduce backup on Green River Road and westbound 91.  It will be ready for construction in 2020 if funding is secured. Read more.

View the 91 Workforce to Workplace Vitality Network fact sheet here.